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Building Set Out Made Easy With EZYPROFILE


It’s easy enough to build a building set out with timber and nails. The problem is that you have to build a new one every time that you need to build a new building. That’s counterproductive when you have another option: the EZProfile system. The system is reusable because it isn’t put together with nails or screws.

The system includes wingnuts on bolts that can be quickly loosened or tightened, which makes adjustments a snap. The following items are included in the package:

  • 6 1-meter Stakes
  • Eight profile rails
  • 16 safety caps
  • 16 slide markers
  • Stake dolly
  • Mallet
  • CD of instructions

The following items are available for an additional cost:

  • Two center locators
  • Level Holder that doubles as a staff holder
  • Laser Platform
  • String Holder
  • Paint holder

With these components, you can do a building set out almost anywhere. The adjustability of all of the pieces means that you can adjust for terrain with no problem at all.

Built by Builders

Builders know better than anyone what builders want. The EZProfile system comes from the minds of several professional builders who wanted to create something that was better than “the way they always did it.” It was so popular that it earned the Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation in 2016. Colleges throughout Australia now use it in their building instruction.

How it Makes Things Easier

The device obviates the need for hammers and nails. Because of this, it’s far less difficult to correct errors. If you double check everything and notice something amiss, then you don’t have to claw the nails out of the timber. A few turns of a couple of wingnuts, and you can slide the pieces into the correct alignment. It’s just a few more seconds for you to retighten the wingnuts to secure the bars.


The EZProfile system weighs less than a fully loaded large suitcase, so it’s easy to schlep from job site to job site. Although the system is intuitive, the instructional CD clearly outlines how to use it. The sturdy carrying bag keeps the system safe and secure while in transit.


The system works on almost any terrain too. From vertical walls to heavily sloped terrain, you can set it up and do the building set out with a minimum of fuss. Other tradespeople can make good use of the system, too, such as plumbers setting out a slab over pipes or landscapers creating a terraced effect. No matter your building trade, you’ll find the handy spaces for your levels and other tools a great way to stay organized on the job site.


The EZProfile system simplifies building set out. Your jobs will go by faster while surpassing the accuracy that old-time profiling systems delivered. Because it’s accurate, easy, and cost-effective, it’s just the right solution for your building set out needs. Call us today to find out more or to order one!         

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