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A more accurate alternative to traditional hurdles

A common problem for many builders who build a few houses a year is accuracy with the initial setout.  The good news is technology has moved on from scrap timber, star pickets, screws  and nails with the Award Winning EzyProfile System, changing the way builders set out sites. slidemarker2One of the most important things to do when getting started on a new building project is setting out a profile and getting accurate measurements. Traditionally the process either requires a surveyor to do the job or you running around collecting timber, stakes and screws and whacking it all together.  The latter can be incredibly unreliable and time-consuming. Ezy Profile is an innovative new product that will give you precision in your setout measurements in a fraction of the time it takes using crude materials. The EzyProfile system is a tool comprised predominantly of stakes and rails, however they feature slide markers which slide up and down the rails to make the set out that little bit easier and a hell of a lot more accurate. One of the big drawbacks to the old way is its lack of flexibility. If you put a nail in and it’s a couple of millimetres out of place, it’s a pain in the a#$e to move it into position. You either bend it and hope for the best or pull it out and try again. With the EzyProfile system of sliders and fasteners it can easily be adjusted on the fly to give you an exact measurement every time. vertical-mounting-v2The EzyProfile is especially useful for jobs on difficult terrain. Working on hard surfaces like rock or concrete can be a nightmare using the old method; it’s impossible to get an accurate read when pegs won’t stay in the ground and you’re working with an unstable setout. You’ll also come across jobsites with sloped or excavated surfaces, which present similar problems, so a tool like EzyProfile will prove invaluable, as it can be drilled into those hard surfaces and locked securely into place. The superior accuracy of the EzyProfile system is one of the major reasons for its rapid inclusion in TAFE colleges around Australia. Since coming onto the market in 2013, it has been used across many different training facilities, including high schools, TAFEs and technical institutes. The product was first tested at the Canberra Institute of Technology, who were so impressed with the accuracy and simplicity of the EzyProfile they have continued to train exclusively with it ever since. Ezy Profile has also earned recognition as one of the most important advances in construction equipment in recent years, winning a 2016 Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation. If you’re sick and tired of wasting time with fiddly materials and inaccurate measurements consider how much time and money the EzyProfile could save you – check it out here 

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