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Perform Your Construction Setout Faster With Ezy Profile

Profiling a building site involves a lot of steps and quite a bit of tools as you’ll need to establish the lines, levels, and angles of the site as well as ensure that the construction is carried out to the correct specifications.

The Ezy Profile system is a newly developed construction setout tool that is designed to replace the traditional approach. It is a light-weight, compact system that is made of aluminum and heavy-duty plastics and fiberglass.

Traditional System Vs. The Ezy Profile System

Traditionally, when you perform a construction setout, you would use timber profiles to set out or establish the lines and levels. With the Ezy Profile system, you’ll be using high-quality fiberglass, aluminum, and heavy-duty plastics instead.

The Ezy Profile system lets you profile your construction site in a fraction of the time that it would take if you went the traditional route. Plus, the entire package comes in at 23 kg. Whereas you would typically need a couple of men on a construction setout job, the Ezy Profile system can be a one-man job. With the Ezy Profile equipment, you’ll have equipment that is easily adjustable. And, the sliders and screw fasteners give you greater accuracy.

The Ezy Profile system lets you set up the equipment on any surface and at any angle. You can even drill the equipment into concrete or rocks. This gives you far more flexibility than with the traditional system, and you’ll get accurate measurements quickly. This also means you won’t have to make adjustments later.

The compact system ensures that once you’re done on the job site, you can quickly pack everything into the Ezy Profile system’s black bag and move on to your next construction site.


The traditional approach to profiling a building site requires a lot more tools and manpower. The Ezy Profile system gives you all these tools in one bag, enabling you to have a far more organized worksite.

  • 16 Stakes (1000mm)
  • 8 Profile Rails
  • 16 Safety Caps
  • 16 Profile Rail Slide Markers
  • 2 Tripod Centre Locators
  • 1 Level/Staff Holder
  • 1 Laser Platform
  • 1 String Line Roll Holder
  • 1 Marking Paint Holder
  • 1 Stake Dolly
  • 1 Mallet
  • 1 Instructional CD (including videos)

Fast and Cost-Effective

Besides helping you perform the same job faster and with less manpower, the Ezy Profile system is also compact and cost-effective. Hiring labor for a construction setout job and purchasing the individual tools starts to become costly. In addition, the assessment will take longer. With an Ezy Profile system, you get quite a few benefits rolled into one small package, leaving you with a competitive edge.           

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