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Perform Your Construction Setout Faster With Ezy Profile

Profiling a building site involves a lot of steps and quite a bit of tools as you’ll need to establish the lines, levels, and angles of the site as well as ensure that the construction is carried out to the correct specifications. The Ezy Profile system is a newly developed construction setout tool that is […]

EzyProfile saves you Time and Money

Using the ezy profile system means smarter construction sites. Unlike the traditional profile system, it uses heavy duty plastics that are lightweight, durable and much faster to set up in the job site. This innovative design comes with a new reusable tool with a fully adjustable setup to fit any building site.  The Ezy profile […]

Traditional Profile Systems Versus EzyProfile

Builders that only build a few structures per year often run into accuracy problems with the initial set-out involved with transferring the building design to land. Starting with a setting-out survey and obtaining accurate measurements is critical when beginning a new building project. Traditionally, this process requires hiring a surveyor to perform the work. Builders […]

TAFE Colleges are choosing EzyProfile

  Well-trained workers are essential in any industry, and construction is no different. In recent years there has been incredible growth in the number of new builders coming through formal training, with one of the major benefits being exposure to new equipment and technology. Since entering the market, Ezy Profile has proven to be one […]

Building Profile invented by a Builder for builders

The EzyProfile System (otherwise known as building hurdles) is an Award Winning building profile tool made by a builder for other builders to make the set-out process more accurate, more cost-effective and much quicker. Nobody understands the frustrations of the job site more than your fellow builders, and we all see a new product come […]

Save time and money with a professional set out tool

When you’re building you’re always looking to work out where you can save some costs and the biggest of all is labour.  While you don’t want to sacrifice quality there are some jobs that can be way more efficient than they currently are, including the initial site set out. Introducing the EzyProfile system, an innovative […]