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Why is a site survey needed?


A site survey is a huge part of the construction and land development process. They serve as a guide that starts from checking the feasibility of a construction plan all the way to ensuring that the finished product has solid structural integrity.

Getting a site survey saves time and massive amounts of money in building projects and in buying land. With such a critical function, finding the right surveyor for a project is important. Look for a surveyor with extensive experience in the type of work you are planning. It is also equally important to find one with modern tools for carrying out their work. The Ezy profile enables surveyors to setup and make accurate measurements swiftly and in an organised fashion. Having this system is a great way to commence a big job ahead!

What exactly does a surveyor do?

Surveyors gather information relevant to the location, property and the proposed plan of architects and developers. Surveys help a private certifier or the council to sign off on development plans making sure that the property is on the accurate area of the land.

In the construction industry, a survey report documents how well a site plan is executed. It serves as a reference on how a building project was carried out so that future works relative to the plan can be properly implemented.

For example, adding extensions on existing buildings can be properly planned by referring to the survey. It helps the engineer point the exact location of essential structural references to proceed with the renovation works.

Who needs site surveys

A site survey is done for infrastructure and development projects.

Town planners need the services of a registered surveyor for the planning stage to make cities navigable and organised.

A surveyor analyses the feasibility of the plan of the proposed construction. They review the intended land use of a site plan and raise possible concerns that may hinder council approval.

For new home and land buyers, surveyors are responsible for assessing the land boundaries that is needed to obtain new land titles.

Land survey is critical for building communities

A land survey is one of the major tasks in building a subdivision.

For a council to grant a development approval, surveyors need to sign off on a strata plan which shows how the land is subdivided, assigned street numbers and such.

Why site surveys are so important when building

A site surveyor can prevent costly errors before it becomes too late. For example, a land survey will mark boundary lines and ensure that the construction operations keep within the legal boundaries. It is not uncommon for building projects to miss the mark of boundary fences – causing budgets to go off the mark.

A site survey can pinpoint possible road blocks in proposed construction plans so that major issues can be avoided. A registered surveyor is knowledgeable in making precise measurements and knowing the data to collect in order to give a recommendation on whether or not a site plan is feasible.

During a preliminary site survey, surveyors checks development projects and compares how it adapts from the natural and built environment. The building site is assessed thoroughly to determine initial tasks required.

Different Types Of Site Surveys

Site survey is done in different phases of development to help the project manager ensure that plans are on track and the approved site plan is followed.

initial survey report

On the planning phase, an initial survey is done with the main objective of checking if the draft is feasible.

Before even purchasing a property, hiring a surveyor who is certified by the surveyors registration board potentially saves money and headache.

A land survey determines if the boundary corners are accurate. A land surveyor puts up boundary marking to define the property corners. The markers are verified with the council to prevent possible encroachment.

A surveyor knows how to gather data that is needed to determine if the land for survey is a good for purchase. They can advice if the land is appropriate for the personal objectives of the developer or the land buyer.

Land surveying is a critical step for town planners, for specialized construction projects as well as larger scale building projects.

design phase

Once the initial survey is done, the developer can proceed to making a design with their chosen architects. At this stage, it is critical to do a complete site survey to give inputs on the design.

Licensed surveyors are able to raise potential road blocks in building and in securing a development approval for the design.

A surveyor reviews the architects plan to determine accuracy. For example, surveyors may raise concerns such as use of private open space or the location of pool installation that possibly affects the land of other owners.

Surveys may also raise safety concerns and initial tasks to fulfill. For example, some land situations are in need of a retaining wall. These are best raised early on for the project to advance smoothly.

Before the construction process can commence, a surveyor works with the building certifier to obtain a license from the council. They will refer to the land and building surveys to grant the necessary permits for proceeding with the plan.

construction phase

During the construction phase, surveyors make sure that building development is on track. Surveyors locate the key elements of the deposited plan and ensure that they are executed correctly.

Discrepancies with the drafter’s plan are raised to make sure that the building development is as accurate as possible to the site plan.

post construction

Once the job is completed, a survey is done to document the entire process. This is an essential part of a job site before turning over. The survey is kept for future use for any questions related to the execution of the plan.

what to look for in a surveyor

Be it for a land or a building survey, an online search can quickly recommend independent surveyors in your area. BUT with the critical role a surveyor has in a land or building site, it is best to set qualifications in searching for the right surveyor for your project.

First of all, find someone with sufficient experience. Inquire about the projects they have handled and completed. It is a big plus to have someone who has worked on substantial land development plans.

Your surveyor should also have the right equipment to handle to job site you are requiring to survey. Keep in mind that not all companies or independent surveyors are the same. The speed and accuracy of the tasks greatly rely on the equipment of your surveyor.

While it is likely that old school providers will get the job done, someone who uses modern tools such as the Ezy profile system, will probably yield faster and more accurate output.

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