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EzyProfile saves you Time and Money

Using the ezy profile system means smarter construction sites. Unlike the traditional profile system, it uses heavy duty plastics that are lightweight, durable and much faster to set up in the job site. This innovative design comes with a new reusable tool with a fully adjustable setup to fit any building site. 

The Ezy profile system is the solution to having a strong competitive advantage required with the construction industry growing ever so fast in Australia. 

Take more accurate measurements, show clients around your neat and organized workspace and cost effectively store and transport the EzyProfile system. 

Save time and money with a profile system that is much simpler and faster to assemble. The durable, lightweight materials are extremely easy to set up while measurements are easily marked using screw fasteners for adjustment. 

The Ezy profile system fits all types of sites from sloping, flat or excavated face. It can also be drilled into a concrete surface. This reusable tool will definitely be a game changer on a building site. 

What’s new in the construction industry?

Check out this unique system that cuts setting out to just a fraction of the time it takes with a traditional profile system. 

With a standard setup weighing only 21 kilograms, the parts fit inside the Ezy profile bag. There is no need to haul heavy materials and all the lumber that other building profiles use. Civil engineers are raving about how a carry bag fits this light weight system.

Easy transport and storage for reusable tool

Gone are the days of stocking up lumber and star stakes or any other materials needed for a traditional profile system. The EzyProfile system is easy to set up and convenient to put into storage. 

It is a new reusable tool that would see many building sites for years to come. It can be used on all types of surfaces be it flat, sloping, vertical or horizontal walls. 

Organized job sites with EzyProfile system building

Look forward to a neat and organized workspace. 

The EzyProfile bag includes several handy holders for work mates tools as well as paint holders to make a job site more functional. 

Avoid mixing up tools or completely misplacing materials by neatly stacking them on the profile system. This is a simple solution to one of the biggest pain points in a job site. 

Intuitive design by builders for builders

The Ezy profile system is extremely easy to set up on all types of surface – be it sloping, flat, vertical or horizontal walls. 

Every key part fits in a carry bag for convenient storage and transport. 

To set up the EzyProfile system, simply locate the reference points and mark them on the bright yellow rails provided. EzyProfile utilizes screw fasteners for making adjustments and helps in accurately placing the surveyor’s mark on the alignment slot. 

Traditional profile system won’t cut it 

With the construction industry growing at such a fast pace, the Ezy profile system building gives the competitive advantage required.

Your build site will look neat and functional; measurements will be more accurate plus you get to enjoy cost effective transport and storage with the Ezy profile system.

Gone are the days for hauling lumber and star stakes for the purpose of building a profile. Impress clients with clean spaces that would look neat for the duration of the construction job. All this while cutting costs from assembly and measurements. 

Precise string lines at just a fraction of the time to assemble

Produce accurate measurements with the innovative design of the EzyProfile system. 

The tool is extremely easy to assemble with a unique system using screw fasteners for making adjustments effortless. Be it for slab set outs or for making surveyor’s mark, it is unlike traditional systems that can be very tasking to assemble. Weighing just about 21 kilograms for the set, it is much more convenient to transport and dismantle. 

Save time and money

Save time and money with accurate measurements and a profile system that is reusable many times over. 

Setting up is now a fraction of the time it takes to assemble a traditional profile system – saving so much time and money. 

Forget lugging around heavy materials with all the screws required. Make a good impression by commencing your building sites with the light weight EzyProfile system that comes in carry bags. 

Completely re usable tool many times over

The EzyProfile system is made with heavy duty plastics that are lightweight and durable. 

It can be used by surveyors, plumbers, civil engineers and builders. The EzyProfile system is designed for a range of sites be it flat or sloping; or for vertical or horizontal walls.

Available Australia wide 

The Ezy profile system is available for shipping Australia wide. 

The basic kit comes in a set of:

  • 2 tripod centre locators
  • level/staff holder
  • laser platform
  • string line roll holder
  • marking paint holder

The Ezy profile system includes the following:

  • 16 x Stakes (1000mm Lengths)
  • 8 x Profile Rails
  • 16 x Safety Caps
  • 16 x Profile Rail Slide Markers
  • 2 x Tripod Centre Locators *
  • 1 x Level/Staff Holder *
  • 1 x Laser Platform *
  • 1 x String Line Roll Holder *
  • 1 x Marking Paint Holder *
  • 1 x Stake Dolly
  • 1 x Mallet
  • 1 x Instructional CD (including videos)

The set comes in a carry bag for convenient transport and storage. All parts are available for individual orders according to your needs. 

Up your game in the construction industry- order your EzyProfile system now!

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