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Traditional Profile Systems Versus EzyProfile

Builders that only build a few structures per year often run into accuracy problems with the initial set-out involved with transferring the building design to land. Starting with a setting-out survey and obtaining accurate measurements is critical when beginning a new building project. Traditionally, this process requires hiring a surveyor to perform the work. Builders might then gather screws, lumber, and stakes to try to build the profile systems accurately according to the designs and surveys. However, this process can be time-consuming and unreliable. Fortunately, the EzyProfile system is an innovative solution and has changed the setting-out process for builders on site.

What Is the EzyProfile System?

The EzyProfile System was first released to the market in 2013 and is an innovative tool for builders. It provides precise, accurate measurements for set-outs in substantially less time than using crude materials. This tool is comprised of a system of rails and stakes with slide markers. The markers slide along the rails to make setting out a construction site much simpler and more accurate.

Benefits of the EzyProfile System vs. Traditional Profile Systems

A major problem with the traditional set-out process is its inflexibility. If a nail is a few millimeters off, it can be difficult to get it into the right position. Workers might have to either pull the nail and retry placing it or bend it and hope that it will be fine. By contrast, the sliders and fasteners included as a part of the EzyProfile system allow for easy adjustments on the go to provide precise measurements every time, giving you a much more flexible solution. 

In addition to increased flexibility, the EzyProfile system is much more useful for building on difficult terrain, including hard surfaces such as concrete or rock. If you use the traditional method, it can be difficult to obtain an accurate read when the pegs won’t stay in place while working on an unstable set-out on a hard surface. Similarly, sites that are sloped or have been excavated can also be challenging for traditional set-out methods. Since the EzyProfile system can be drilled into hard or sloped surfaces and securely locked in place, it can be invaluable when working on challenging build sites. 

Broad Recognition

TAFE colleges throughout Australia quickly adopted the EzyProfile system following its 2013 release because of its superior accuracy. Today, it is used in numerous training facilities, including TAFEs, high schools, and technical institutes. The tool was tested at the Canberra Institute of Technology, and it has continued to train students with it ever since because of its simplicity and accuracy. In 2016, the EzyProfile system won an Australian Business Award in the category of new product innovation in recognition of the advancement it made in the construction industry. 

If you are ready to move beyond the limitations of the traditional setting-out process and desire better accuracy and simplicity, you should consider the time and cost savings you could enjoy from using the EzyProfile system. To learn more, contact us today

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