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Save time and money with a professional set out tool

When you’re building you’re always looking to work out where you can save some costs and the biggest of all is labour.  While you don’t want to sacrifice quality there are some jobs that can be way more efficient than they currently are, including the initial site set out. Introducing the EzyProfile system, an innovative product that will get all of your building projects off to a flying start by saving you time and money when putting together your profile. Now many of you will say you just get the surveyor and that’s great, however many of us are still knocking up stakes and scrounging around for off-cuts to piece together the rails for the string lines.  The great news is technology has finally caught up and there is now a tool on the market that replaces the need for this inaccurate rail method; the EzyProfile system is an award-winning hurdle system that can save you time and money on the job just in the speed in which its put up. To start with, the EzyProfile system can be used to set out the job site by a single operator. An on-site case study found a profile for a four-bedroom home could be accurately put together by one worker in under an hour, as opposed to five hours for a team of three using the old method. That’s a total of 14 hours in wages that can be saved on a single task. Throw into the mix the accuracy of being able to slide markers to where you need them quickly and easily as apposed to nailing or screwing into your timber hurdles endlessly looking for the right point. Built using durable, high-quality materials such as aluminium, fibreglass and heavy-duty plastic, EzyProfile is designed to withstand the elements and give builders a lifetime of quick, efficient profiling. Ezy Profile has been developed with the purpose of making life as easy as possible for builders. We know this because Mick (the inventor) is a builder himself and spent 20 years on job sites using his various prototypes before he got to the ones we are selling today. Take a look at all the features of the EzyProfile.  Its initial outlay that will pay for itself in no time and save you plenty of time and money on your jobs going forwards. Check out the EzyProfile System  

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