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TAFE Colleges are choosing EzyProfile

  Well-trained workers are essential in any industry, and construction is no different. In recent years there has been incredible growth in the number of new builders coming through formal training, with one of the major benefits being exposure to new equipment and technology. Since entering the market, Ezy Profile has proven to be one of the most innovative new building products available, and it has already made a big impact in workplace training. Developed as a faster, more accurate and more cost-effective alternative to the traditional set-out method, Ezy Profile has quickly emerged as an essential tool for trainers. Ezy Profile was first tested for approval in the training sector at the Canberra Institute of Technology in 2013. The initial test was to assess the efficiency of using video instructions in the classroom. Sixteen students who had never seen the Ezy Product were shown the video and placed into groups of four, tasked with erecting the system as per the video. To the teachers’ surprise, each group was able to quickly and accurately set up the system. The videos contained step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, which were highly appreciated by the younger, more tech-savvy audience. It was also met with an incredibly positive response from the institute’s trainers, who described the product as a revelation, with particular praise going to the product’s speed and simplicity, as well as the ease with which the training videos held the students’ attention. The speed of the process allows trainers to dedicate more time to the actual lesson of getting accurate set-outs, rather than wasting time building the profile from scratch. The Hunter Institute of TAFE soon commenced training with the Ezy Profile, and were able to provide statistics regarding the teaching hours and material costs saved upon converting to Ezy Profile. For a single lesson involving three teachers, Ezy Profile saved eight hours each, for a total of 24 teaching hours, as well as $150 worth of disposable materials. This demonstrated Ezy Profile’s potential to offer immense savings within the training industry over time, leading to more institutes converting to the product. Unlike the crude profiling systems used before, there is no requirement to regularly purchase and collect new materials due to the Ezy Profile’s durable design, while it also eliminates the need for additional equipment such as drills, sledgehammers, wheelbarrows, screws and nails. One of the other big advantages of Ezy Profile is its compliance with workplace safety regulations, with the set including numerous safety caps and a small mallet, as well as being designed in a ‘safety yellow’ colour. Ezy Profile has earned acclaim as one of the most important advances in construction equipment in recent years, winning a 2016 Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation. It has also gained recognition in industry publications, including Site Establishment: Formwork and Framing from Cengage and the Western Australian government document The Impact of New Technologies on the Construction Industry. Find out more about the EzyProfile system here  

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