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A more versatile option than normal site setouts

Builders today are faced with many different kinds of job sites when taking on new projects. In a perfect world, every new job would be done on a nice flat block, but nearly every time you’ll be faced with uneven ground, slopes and some bloody hard ground that causes plenty of headaches to work with.  Thankfully a tool has finally been devised to make the set out easier on all the different terrain, the EzyProfile system. The EzyProfile system is an innovative new hurdles setup that will allow you to set-out on any kind of surface in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods with the bonus of being super accurate. Whether you’ve got a sloping block or need to work against a concrete wall or even if you are working around rock, the EzyProfile system has prefabricated solutions to all of these situations that allows you to set out the site accurately and quickly, saving you time and money. The EzyProfile system is designed to take the hassle out of profile marking on the job site, replacing the standard setup of timber, star stakes and screws with a durable, lightweight system of rails, stakes and sliders made from high quality materials such as aluminium, fibreglass and heavy duty plastics. The standard Ezy Profile set contains:
  • 16 Stakes (1000mm)
  • 8 Profile Rails
  • 16 Safety Caps
  • 16 Profile Rail Slide Markers
  • 2 Tripod Centre Locators
  • 1 Level/Staff Holder
  • 1 Laser Platform
  • 1 String Line Roll Holder
  • 1 Marking Paint Holder
  • 1 Stake Dolly
  • 1 Mallet
  • 1 Instructional CD (including videos)
This set provides everything you need for most building projects, but the versatility of the Ezy Profile means you can add or subtract items from this list to meet your own requirements. For example, if you’re working on a large or complicated project you can order additional rails, markers and stakes to put up more structures, or you could get rid of the tool holders if you’re running smaller projects where misplaced tools are less likely to become an issue. The intuitive design of the Ezy Profile equipment allows it to easily be used on any jobsite. If you’re on a hard surface like rock or concrete, the Ezy Profile can be drilled into the surface to give you a stable profile. Under the old system, you’d be unable to keep the pegs in the ground, meaning you’d need to waste valuable man hours getting additional workers to try to hold the structure in place. If you need to build on a walled or excavated jobsite, the Ezy Profile equipment can be used just as easily with a specialised mounting plate. All you need to do is attach the plate to a wall or ceiling and build your profile on top of that, just as easily you would on the ground. Sloped surfaces are also easily worked around, as Ezy Profile offers longer stakes that can be put on lower ground and kept parallel to the others. This can help you save potentially dozens of man hours and gets rid of the guesswork involved with getting set-outs for these sites. Buy your EzyProfile system now      

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