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Building Profile invented by a Builder for builders

The EzyProfile System (otherwise known as building hurdles) is an Award Winning building profile tool made by a builder for other builders to make the set-out process more accurate, more cost-effective and much quicker. Nobody understands the frustrations of the job site more than your fellow builders, and we all see a new product come onto the market and think to yourself “a builder would never have done that”.  The EzyProfile system is a new tool to the building market but it’s been working for inventor Mick Egan for almost a decade on his job sites and now he wants to share it. With over four decades of building experience under his belt, Mick has developed the Ezy Profile system, an innovative new tool designed to radically simplify one of construction’s most frustrating tasks, the profile set-out. Mick’s experience in construction prepared him well for the many challenges in designing such a product. Developed and perfected over more than five years of extensive research and testing, Ezy Profile has been designed to tackle the numerous annoying aspects of this task to make it as quick and easy as possible and help get all of your future building projects off to a flying start. The first thing that probably comes to mind when talking about building profile set-outs is the scratching around for off-cuts and stakes. They’re a hassle to go and collect and even more of a nuisance to work with, often proving fiddly and cumbersome and generally requiring a team of three or four builders to put together properly. Even once the profile has finally been built, you’re often left with further issues later on, such as inaccurate measurements and loose bits and pieces lying around. Mick came up with the idea of sliding markers and movable rails through years of dealing with the issues first hand. He could see a more accurate way to do things and the proof is in the pudding. The EzyProfile won the  2016 Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation and is being used by TAFE colleges around Australia.  People in the industry everywhere are seeing the ease of use that the EzyProfile offers with more accurate results in a fraction of the time. Mick’s commitment to quality has seen him devote eight years to working through problems and making prototypes before releasing Ezy Profile to the market. That’s a long testing period for any product but if Mick’s finally happy with it, you can be confident that it’s builder-ready. “I’ve been using my building profile system for eight years and showing other builders what it can do, and the response is always the same – once you’ve used it, you’ll never want to go back.” (Mick Egan, Ezy Profile inventor.) Check out the finer points on EzyProfile here

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